Saturday, June 18, 2016

Elf Cosmetics/Disney Collaboration (video)

Disney has a makeup line with ELF and I didn't know about it.
Trust me...when I found it (by accident) I was all over it.
And super excited about it.
And then my friend pointed out that it is probably intended for 12 year olds which makes me ridiculous. It honestly hadn't occurred to me until she said that, I was so stoked to have Beauty and the Beast lip gloss!
Below is a video of my unboxing (technically my second unboxing because I screwed up and lost the first one somehow).
I have since worn the Mulan lip gloss out and absolutely adore it.
Thank you Elf. Thank you Disney.
Thank you and if you don't use Ebates yet you should and you can sign up using my link because they give you a few dollars back each time you shop - click on this blue to sign up.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Revival Natural Body Scrub

I think you can tell by my face that I have a new obsession.
This body scrub is wonderful and smells amazing and I love it. I am so glad I discovered it and will be looking at getting my hands on more of it. My only criticism would be packaging- I wish it came in a squeezy tube like how the Bath and Body Works scrubs are packaged. Even a tub would be great... It's possible it does come in other containers and I am using a sample- I have to go look. But yes- check this out and go to their website and find them on social media because this is all yes all day.
*You will need to clean your shower after use but you will smell amazing. website

Rosehip + Coffee Body Scrub

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Art Naturals Product Review

The world is amazing! I became friends with a woman on facebook when I was writing a different blog and we remained friendly. As I started posting beauty blogs again, she reached out and mentioned that she could send me products to try out from Art Naturals... which I am discovering is a phenomenal beauty company! I did a review video of the products as I unboxed them and will do a follow up post in a few weeks to update you on how I enjoyed using them.

Please watch the video and check them out

Art Naturals Website
Here are photos of everything I discuss in the video:





Sunday, May 22, 2016

The BrowGal - Second Chance

So... I am an eyebrow slob.
Yes, my brows always look ok, but that is because I distract you from really looking at them by using shiny highlighters and pretty eye shadows to draw attention away from them. I usually don't pay attention to them until it's undeniable and then I do a self purge and over pluck and give up until the next time. When I had the opportunity to get my brows done recently by Bryan of The BrowGals, I jumped. Yes Please.

One of the issues I mentioned as he tried to coax volume out of my sparseness, is that my brows just don't grow any more. Fear not... there's a fix for that!

It's called Second Chance. It is a thickening serum that you apply nightly with a vibratttttting applicator (ooooh) and I adore the packaging. The boys from BrowGal gifted me the product and I have been using it for almost three weeks now. I do think my brows are growing in better but it's too soon to tell. Check out the video to get my full description of how to use it and what it is supposed to do and if you go to the West Hollywood salon say hello to Bryan and Nicholas!!! Links below :)


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Adventures at the Korean Day Spa

This post will contain references to nudity. If you don't want to hear about things that were done to me while I was naked, find something else to read.

I went back to the Korean Day Spa voluntarily today.
The first time I went, my friend dragged me along and gave me a vague "it's a spa, we get massages" explanation. She knew if she told me what to expect I'd have never gone through with it. Fast forward two and half years and I called her up and invited her to a spa day. It had been a while since we had connected and my neck was stiff.

Sunday mornings at 10am, the spa is empty. Nice! We check in and get our locker keys. I had bought our day passes to the spa on Groupon and the massages were extra that we paid upfront. Head down to the locker room, get undressed and this time I know, we leave our clothes and towels at the lockers and walk naked into the jacuzzi room. There is no one around and the showers are all dry (YES! As a closet germophobe, getting to use the showers before anyone else has makes me internally happy). We shower, hop into the hot tub and then sit for a bit in the dry sauna waiting for our numbers to be called for the massage. A few other people wander in but it's still very empty and quiet.

They call our numbers and we head into the massage area. It's a small tiled room, with eight tables wrapped in plastic. Two tiny Korean ladies are standing in front of us wearing only black bras and underwear. Mine smiles at me and motions for me to lie down on the table, face down. I am about to flip over, front to back, a lot.

The first time I did this massage, I had no idea what was coming and felt mildly violated albeit very soft afterwards. This time, I am prepared. My tiny Korean lady starts scrubbing my entire body with two hand gloves and a scrub mixture. She is thorough and brisk, missing nothing. Then she grunts at me to turn over. Now she is scrubbing my entire body again, from a new angle.  I am amazed that even though she moves quickly and her strokes are long, she always stops just shy of my very private areas. But only just. I can't have any modesty or shame, I'm literally laid bare on this table in front of her. And it feels amazing.

After having me turn on each side and back onto my front, she has scrubbed every literal inch of me and then she rinses me off with bowls of warm water that she pours over me. With a warm towel she starts to work out my back and neck, my legs, my arms... then I turn over again. She places a warm cloth over my eyes and works on my arms and legs, shoulders and chest, through the towel.

I have a theory that they cover your eyes when you are on your back at these places because otherwise you'd be making eye contact with some stranger while they touch your intimate areas.

After the towel massage she has me turn over yet again and now she starts massaging me with oil. They squirt the oil on you from a plastic condiments bottle, which I find hilariously ridiculous and yet extremely convenient. I have a fear of sliding right off the table each time she tells me to turn over, but it hasn't happened yet. At her command, I flip back onto my back and this is where it gets awkward in my mind. Essentially some tiny woman is straddling me on a plastic wrapped massage bed in a damp locker room rubbing me down with oil. She works my legs, my abs, my arms, my breasts... her touch is firm and exacting. I am grateful that my eyes are covered, eye contact at this juncture would be too much for me. She is almost more thorough than some guys I have slept with (not all).

Now comes my favorite part.
She puts a cucumber face mask all over my face after massaging it with a sweet smelling oil and then washing it with almond milk. Sometimes her touch is rougher than I would treat my own face, but it all feels amazing. I figure Koreans generally age really well, so who am I to complain? After the face mask is applied, she rinses my hair and shampoos it. There is something spectacular about having someone else wash your hair. I can't explain it, but it is top three among my favorite ways to be touched. I'm lying down on this plastic-wrapped table naked and my face is covered in cucumber yet there is nowhere else I'd rather be. She massages my scalp while she shampoos and I am next level content. Rinse again, and repeat with conditioner, then rinse all that out too and wrap my hair in a towel. My face is still masked and now she takes almond milk and massages my torso, arms and legs again.

Sadly my time (80 minutes) in this Korean bliss is coming to an end and she unwraps my face and I sit up. She brings me a squirt bottle of almond milk and gestures me to cup my hands then she squirts the milk into them and I rinse my face. We repeat a few times and then she brings bowls of hot water and douses me until all the almond milk, oil and residue is gone and I am sitting on a clean, wet, plastic massage table.

My tiny savior motions me towards the showers and I stand there under the hot water playing it over in my mind. This experience is jarringly invasive and amazingly relaxing simultaneously and I am mentally scheduling the next one. I glance over at my friend and know she is on the same page. If anyone is mulling it over, don't hesitate, just go. Years ago the blatant nudity threw me off, it was weird to be so naked in front of strangers, but since everyone else pretty much is, it starts to feel almost normal and you forget. It's worth it, even if you just hang in the hot tubs and saunas. We have been to facilities that have multi level areas with steam rooms, clay rooms, ice rooms, oxygen rooms and napping areas. Check  Groupon for local deals and let me know your experience!

We love you Korean day spas.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ipsy Glam Bag Review (Video)

HAH! I got off my lazy butt and vlogged the unboxing, even though I am only using my iPhone and this is in no way indicative of the level of my professionalism in life. I would prefer to have a proper camera and light setup but in the grand scheme... who cares.

Here you have it:

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Indie Beauty Expo 2016 Product Review

I recently attended the Indie Beauty Expo in LA (thanks Lionel!) and had the opportunity to try out a bunch of new products from brands that are super under the radar. The vendors gave me a lot of products to try, and in addition I received a HUUUUGE VIP goody bag full of items at the end. I love a good swag bag.

Instead of posting the different products individually I am blurbing them all into one giant post and I will try to tag each company and include information for you as well. I was going to do a video to accompany this post but I ran out of space on my phone (too many puppy videos) and I don't have a vlogging camera yet. I'm working on it so I can do proper makeup tutorials and product reviews. All in good time.

First up:
Pure Elements 
BI + C Black Cumin-Cajeput Serum Concentrate

Yes. It is a mouthful. But an amazingly scented mouthful. Per the instructions I have been adding two drops of this oil to my moisturizer when I apply my makeup in the morning and I am loving how beautiful my skin looks all day. I've only been using it a week, so long term I don't know if it will be noticeable but thumbs up from me on this one!

Hale & Hush
Sensitive SKin Specialist
Saffron Meristem Cream

I usually use a different moisturizer but I have been using this one all week in conjunction with the previous oil. I like it because it isn't scented and has a non-greasy application. I do have sensitive skin so as long as mine seems to be enjoying it, I will continue to use it. The only downside is no SPF but my regular tinted BB cream has that covered. I mix all three and apply it together.

Joanna Vargas
Revitalizing Eye Cream

Guys. I have a confession.
I don't use an eye cream.
I know.
But here is why- my eyes are curiously sensitive and when I have used eye creams in the past, they have ended up stinging and burning in the morning. No, I am not applying the creams to or near my eyeballs, but somehow they affect me very strongly. I was nervous to try this cream out but I am in love with it. Personally I see a difference too. My eyes look refreshed when I wake up. I alternate wearing it some days during the day too, but not consistently. This product is a win and I highly recommend the brand. There is also a face scrub (keep reading) that is absolutely phenomenal. I really like the pump on this eye cream too- much better than sticking my fingers into a pot to get out product.

Cheek & Lip Tint in Coral Hibiscus
I am not a cheek tint type of girl. I'm barely a blush girl (HIGHLIGHT is another story!) But I am LOVING this as a lip tint. LOVING. I have worn it so many times this week. It is creamy and sheer but still pigmented. I love the packaging- it comes in a container in a tube and it's a twist stick. I even swatched it for you because yes.

Radiant Glow Body Serum
I talked to the owner of this company. She is based out of Portland and had the most incredible skin. I got another product from her that I will review later when I've had time to test it out (a concealer that also heals, used for plastic surgery patients!) but I am thinking I will use it as an under eye concealer.
This serum is cool- it is supposed to firm up my skin and make my tushie fabulous and tight and smooth. I like the size of the bottle, at 3 ounces it is bigger than most of the products I got. I am not a huge fan of the medicine dropper applicator because I use more of the product than one squeeze delivers so I have to keep dipping it in and then product drips down the bottle. I would prefer a pump. But I really do like the um, and it has an almond scent, very pleasant.

Bio-Cleansing Conditioner
Alright. I'm a hair person. I judge the hair I see around me and I am really really into my own. I have worked in salons and have extensive knowledge of hair stuff. So a hair product that I can use to wash my hair with EVERY DAY? SIGN. ME. UP.
I have been testing it all week and I have to say, it is actually really great. I did cheat and use another shampoo/conditioner yesterday but I do think this stuff does what it says and works for my hair. The scent is unremarkable (that's a good thing for me) and I believe it is sulfate free.

Tiffany Andersen Salts of Life
Cell Salt Infused Shampoo, Conditioner and Cell Salt Cleanse Aloe Juice Face & Body Wash
This is the other shampoo and conditioner I used. I am obsessed. I wish I had the full sizes because my hair felt so amazing after using these products on it. It smells great (fresh and clean) and I could tell my hair was super clean from it. Yes all around. The body wash is also great and has a great scent but the hair products blewwww me awayyyyy.


Kale Detox Deep Cleansing Face Wash
Ok. This is the first vendor I talked to when I got to the expo so I was all stoked and ready to learn about products. They have a GORGEOUS makeup line (the eye shadows are out of this world) but for some reason they weren't selling them at the show which is their loss because I was feeling it. I have been using this face cleanser with my Clarisonic Mia in the shower and I like it. The first time I used it I got it in my eye and cried like a little baby but it makes my face feel clean and the scent smells healthy. Green. Full of good stuff that my face should be loving. The label says it foams, although mine does not seem to. It is sulfate free and it does say you can leave it on overnight (but then I wouldn't get to play with my serums and eye creams). 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Kopari Coconut Oil
Coconut Crush Scrub
This smells like a vacation. It is my favorite product out of all of them and I will cry when I use it up. It is a brown sandy scrub that will definitely exfoliate every last bit of you. The instructions indicate that it works best when used on dry skin but I tried that and it sort of crumbled into pieces on the floor of my tub. So I turned on the water and wet my hands and applied it to my dry body that way and found much greater success.

and finally, the last product I am going to review today (although I will do another post another time about the Joanna Vargas exfoliating face scrub I promise).
Simple Sugars
Handmade, all-natural Body Scrub
This scrub comes with a cute little spoon to stir up the oils and sugars and has chunks of almond in it. I tasted a piece (it doesn't say indigestible on the label but it looked so good!) I used this all over my body in the shower and it was fantastic. It is especially good before shaving because it leaves your skin slightly slick. I like that it is handmade and the packaging was sugary sweet.

And that's all she wrote.
Thank you for having me and hopefully I get invited back next year! If you were there and you saw a puppy named Snoop, that was us :) He was a big hit with the vendors and I know some of you took pictures but I haven't seen them yet- please share if you have!